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Mã SP: SUNON Series 1
Quạt trần Powerful S1 được thiết kế sản xuất 100% từ SUNON/Taiwan có hơn 40 năm kinh nghiệm sản xuất động cơ cho nhiều ngành công nghiệp, thương mại trên toàn thế giới. Quạt trần công nghiệp UFO 1 series Thiết Kế...
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Mã SP: SUNON Series 3
Quạt trần công nghiệp Powerfule S3 series được sản xuất thiết kế 100% từ SUNON Taiwan Các sải cánh quạt trần Powerful S3: 2.4m / 3.0m / 3.6m / 4.2m UFO-3 thuộc dòng sản phẩm dành cho quạt trần HVLS dành cho công...
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Haiku by Big Ass Fans
Mã SP: Haiku L
Haiku L 52" Black/White có 2 tùy chọn có đèn LED và không có đèn LED Haiku L series đã bao gồm các cấu hình như sau: Bộ đèn LED ánh sáng ấm (2700K) - tuỳ chọn mua thêm Bộ điều khiển đi kèm theo quạt Tích hợp sẳn ra...
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Haiku by Big Ass Fans
Haiku L 52" Black/White có 2 tùy chọn có đèn LED và không có đèn LED Haiku L series đã bao gồm các cấu hình như sau: Bộ đèn LED ánh sáng ấm (2700K) - tuỳ chọn mua thêm Bộ điều khiển đi kèm theo quạt...
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Haiku USA
Haiku 84 inch Cocoa Bamboo Haiku được thiết kế theo tiêu chuẩn quạt chất lượng cao. Với động cơ EC sử dụng có khả năng tiết kiệm gấp 4 lần so với động cơ truyền thống.  Đặc biệt với công nghệ senseME độc quyền giúp...
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Large Warehouse Ceiling Fans

Posted on2 Months ago

What You Need to Know About Large Warehouse Ceiling Fans

Anyone who’s worked in a hot warehouse knows just how miserable it can get. As the temperature rises outside, the ability for people to focus and maintain energy inside becomes increasingly difficult. 

An employer who cares about the wellbeing and productivity of their workers needs a solution to cool things down. Air conditioning is super expensive and requires a ton of energy to operate. Large warehouse ceiling fans, however, provide all the cooling benefits at a fraction of the cost. 

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans have become the go-to solution for helping people feel cooler in hot warehouses. Their large size, energy-efficient operation, and ingenious design do a spectacular job of circulating air.

You can find large warehouse ceiling fans from several manufacturers, but not all brands are the same. The best fans are more than just airfoils and a motor. Big Ass Fans has created patented airfoil profiles—not just blades—tailored to deliver air where you need it most. 

In addition to doing the hard work of improving airflow, your next large warehouse ceiling fan should help you reduce your overall costs, be 100% safe and worry-free, and come with complete support during the life of your fan—which should be years upon years.

Yêu cầu báo giá

Our Selection of Big Warehouse Fans

Big Ass fans do all this and more. As the pioneer of HVLS fans, Big Ass Fans has established itself as the industry standard—the best of the best—for large warehouse ceiling fans. 

Here’s a quick overview of the types of overhead warehouse fans you can choose from:

Powerfoil® X

As the world’s best-selling large warehouse ceiling fan, the Powerfoil X gives you the ultimate cooling experience. Built by hand with industrial-grade motors, gearboxes, airfoils, and security features, the Powerfoil X offers unrivaled airflow in the harshest conditions. With a range of sizes—from 12-feet to 30-feet in diameter—we give a whole new meaning to “living large.” 

Powerfoil® D

A fan is way more than a fan when you go with the high-tech and high-performance of the Powerfoil D. It’s made for harsh environments such as extreme heat, dust, and humidity, and comes with an official IP66 rating for use indoors or out. This large warehouse ceiling fan is also equipped with multiple redundant safety features. 

Powerfoil® 8

We call the Powerfoil 8 the “workhorse” because of its long-lasting durability and dependability. With industrial-grade parts, motor, gearbox—everything—this large warehouse fan offers options for overcoming airflow obstacles, including turbulence.

Basic 6®

There’s nothing basic about the performance of this budget-friendly large warehouse ceiling fan. When you simply need powerful airflow and reliable functionality without the high-tech options, the Basic 6 comes with a 7-year mechanical warranty, making it a sure-fire investment for keeping your employees feeling cool. 

How to Choose the Best Warehouse Fans

Now that you know which large warehouse ceiling fans are the best, how do you select which one is right for you? 

With Big Ass Fans, you don’t need to guess. Our airflow experts use SpecLab® computational fluid dynamics software to analyze the airflow in your warehouse and show a 3D model of how a large warehouse ceiling fan can improve air circulation. It helps you make the smart choice for your next fan.

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