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Comfort Solutions For Your Home or Business

Ceiling fans, floor fans for cooling factory spaces, commercial and industrial area, residential fans. We deliver comfort to spaces where comfort seems impossible. Doing it undeniably better than any other company in the world. We serve our clients with passion backed by innovation. We think smarter. We go bigger. We make every space better for people to work safely, perform productively, and live comfortably.

Comfort Solutions By our fans

Make your space more productive with our unmatched line of airflow products. With HVLS and directional fans, evaporative coolers, and residential, Hamilton Air can create comfortable conditions anywhere.
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Authorized Distributor in Viet Nam

Bringing the solutions and a better experience for your home and business
Simulates a natural breeze by continually varying your fan’s speed up and down.
Optimizes your fan’s efficiency with the ideal balance of airflow and energy use.
Temperature, humidity, and motion sensors monitor the environment and adjust to you.
Classic design is always in fashion
Small Overhead Fan

Shop our collection of Classic Fans

Quạt trần SUNON Modern HVLS


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quạt trần cánh lớn SUNON S1

SUNON Powerful S1®

Kích thước cánh tuỳ chọn: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m và 3m

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quạt trần cánh lớn SUNON S3

SUNON Powerful S3®

Kích thước cánh tuỳ chọn: 2.5m, 3m, 3.6m, 4.2m

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quạt trần cánh lớn SUNON S10

SUNON Powerful S10®

Kích thước cánh tuỳ chọn: 4m, 5m, 5.5m, 6.1m và 7.3m

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Quạt treo tường công nghiệp

SUNON Wall Industrial Fans®

Kích thước : 1940mm x 1940mm x 1265mm

Quạt thổi sàn đứng di động công nghiệp

SUNON Portable HVLS Industrial Fans®

Kích thước : 2050mm x 2100mm x 810mm

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Bộ điều khiển quản lý quạt SUNON

SUNON Controllers®

Tuỳ chọn điều khiển - linh hoạt

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Overhead Industrial Fans
Make an immediate impact on your business with energy-efficient cooling from our high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) overhead fans. These powerful fans are designed to turn harsh conditions into pleasant environments, boosting employee productivity and retention. Cool your team through the summer and recirculate warm air back to the ground floor during winter with our HVLS fans’ year–round comfort protection.
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Overhead Commerical Fans
When you need massive airflow that saves you money on energy costs in your commercial space, our high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans provide optimal cooling and energy-efficiency. Built for durability and redundant safety, these overhead fans are the perfect choice for commercial and public spaces.
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Residential Ceiling Fans
Take greater control of Haiku’s advanced features with its premium bluetooth remote. Adjust your fan’s speed, change lighting options, or engage Timer, Whoosh, and Sleep modes all without leaving your seat. Always losing things? The remote comes with a simple wall mount for convenient and secure placement.
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Nothing comes close to the quality of Our Fans, unless you happen to mention our exceptional service. Our experts will work with you to specify the appropriate fans for your project and certified installers make sure your clients receive perfect fans, every time.

Technical Download

Our project consultant team offers free design support and assistance with CAD files, Revit files, layouts, specifications, technical documentation, budgeting and fan selection , while LEED®Accredited Professionals can tell you how our fans contribute to your building’s LEED credits.

Installation Services

Every installer in our program is a licensed electrical/HVAC technician who has met stringent certification and service requirements. Each works side-by-side with a HVLS Fans expert through an extensive hands-on training regimen for our entire big fan product line.
Solid Wood

PEARL Solid Wood Ceiling Fans

Designed with 3 blades with solid wood. The connection of the wooden wings is designed with a hard steel cover to create stability when rotating at a maximum speed of 190 RPM. The hidden DC motor inside the wooden panel has a capacity of 39W at a wingspan of 152cm, operating extremely quietly and creating comfort and coolness all year round with the ability to save energy up to 75% with 5 speed optional.
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Warranty: 05 years
Easy component replacement
Easy installation
Customize as the flow the height ceiling
DC Motor
Save more 75% than AC motor
Optional Fans Size
Fan size: 132cm | 152cm | 178cm
Customize Colors
Can be customized to your liking
CE Safety Certified
High-strength material
Remote Controller
Option 5 speed of fans
Absolutely quiet, noise level <35 dBa




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